Yesterday, the US Attorney for Oregon hosted a summit regarding his office’s newly-invigorated focus on arresting marijuana producers, distributors and users (“Good people don’t use marijuana” says his boss, A/G Jefferson Sessions).  The event was not open to the public, the invitee list was not made public, and sources were not cited when he made a public statement. I sent the following email to Mark Pettinger, the PR man for the OLCC.


Haven’t heard from you in a while. And I hear there was a big summit with Billy Williams yesterday.

Some questions:
1) Who was on the guest list for this summit? I would like to make that list public, since it is in the interest of licensees and the public.
2) Why was the summit closed to the public/press?
3) Is the OLCC going to release anything regarding the summit? Press release, new guidance?
4) What is the OLCC jurisdiction/authority around capping/stopping/halting new license approval/granting?
5) What are the sources for claims about overproduction and product leaving the licensed world?

Regarding product leaving Oregon, I have a few comments, especially as regards OLCC licensees. If you are not the one who can act on these, please send it on to someone who can.
1) METRC is easily gamed. There are a hundred different ways to pull licensed product out of the system without anyone ever knowing. I can show anyone at METRC or the OLCC how to do this.
2) People routinely tell me of their side businesses, or using their license as a front, or of others who are doing this.
3) The large amounts of flower in METRC have caused wholesale prices to plummet, creating a huge incentive for folks to take product out of the legal market. The OLCC does have the power to limit canopy; this will directly reduce the amount of flower on the market. The biggest problem is yet to come, when growers start to think about fall harvest season again, while still holding on to last year’s flower (this will likely cause either a huge dump of product and price in the fall or it will go out of state).
4) What is the protocol for remaining inventory when a grower or processor gives up their license? Where does the inventory go?

Thank you, Mark!

Casey Kulla
farmer, Walnut Rise