Today, I ventured over the St. John’s Bridge in a lightly falling snow to deliver 100+ lbs of whole flowers to The Cannabis Distribution Company, a part of CannaGuard Security. They are a licensed wholesaler that provides, among other things, trim and flower to processors. All of our little lots of flowers, 2-15lbs each, went to their warehouse for picking up by makers of hash oil, shatter, carbon-dioxide oil, etc. This delivery was about a third of the fall harvest; since our main three stores are selling at a steady rate, I did not want to deliver all our stored crop, but at the same time, the sales rate and price for trimmed flowers came together to convince me that we should move much of the remainder to processors. With edibles and tinctures and oils increasing in sales while trimmed, raw flowers are not increasing in sales, it seems like the market for many growers will be in the processing world, where a processor licensee might need 400 lbs of trim for one concentrates run.

After delivery and a tour from Andrea and Dan, I wound my way to Thurman Street Collective for the first time! I have always let Bobby (the owner of Thurman Street) haul our cannabis orders up to Thurman Street, since his farm is just down the street from us; it was great to see his beautiful space. And, he is working hard to get his next store open: the Power Plant, on Foster, in Portland. Very exciting! Good luck, Bobby! And before leaving Portland, I found my brother, Josh, at his new employer, the Daily Journal of Commerce, located in offices at the Pittock Building (10th and Washington, across from the big food-cart block and two blocks from Powell’s). He works there as photographer and journalist.


Growin’ it in the ground and sellin’ it in town,