In the 2019-2020 season, we are selling top shelf quality hand-trimmed buds to local stores in Salem and McMinnville. We have three strains available: Royal Highness, Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, and Vanilla Frosting. Contact us for more information about purchasing.

We’ve been growing micro-scale OLCC-licensed recreational cannabis since it first became legal in 2016. We were one of the very first licensees in Yamhill County!

When we started this enterprise on our farm, we decided to make our tagline: “Growin’ it in the ground.” Up until 2016, prohibition and limited legality had forced growers to employ some rather creative cultivation techniques over the years! In fact, both longtime growers and cannabis-opponents alike were convinced that cannabis production necessarily required heavy inputs and some less-than-sustainable growing methods (such as growing in pots in purchased soil mix or using electricity-intensive grow lights).

We are proud of the class-1 soil that we farm, and we wanted to demonstrate that this newly legal crop could be treated like any other high value farm crop — grown in the soil, with the power only of the sun itself, using efficient drip irrigation. And so that is what we’ve done — grown our plants in the native soil, prepped in the same gentle and ecological ways that we’ve always prepped for our vegetables. And, our ecological, soil-and-sun-based methods have yielded excellent results: high quality cannabis as well as continued good soil health.

We call ourselves “micro-scale.” To give you a sense of our scale, in 2019 we grew in one 30’x96′ high tunnel (an open-ended poly “greenhouse” that provides shelter over the native soil). Because of our small operation, we can give each of our plants extra attention during growing and harvesting. We prune every plant multiple times over the growing season and do almost daily health checks. The result: tree-sized plants that produce high quality clean buds!

August 2019, plants just after a pruning