We are a husband and wife team, Casey and Katie Kulla. We’ve been farming our land on Grand Island since 2006, growing diverse year-round fruits and vegetables for local customers here in Yamhill County. You can learn more about our produce operation at Oakhill Organics.

We’ve always appreciated the risk-management of having multiple crops and enterprises on one farm, and we love the joy of learning to grow new things. So, in 2009 and 2010 we planted two small fruit orchards — 14 varieties of apples, as well as pears and plums. Now that these orchards are in full production we have plenty of good quality eating apples for our produce customers as well as hard-to-find specialty varietals especially well suited for cider operations: Goldrush, Newton Pippins, Spitzenburg, and more. Learn more on our cider apple page.

In 2016 when recreational cannabis became legal in Oregon, we became excited about learning to grow this new legal crop as well and added a micro-scale OLCC-licensed grow to our farm. Learn more on our cannabis page.

We don’t hire any labor, meaning that it is literally our hands that do all the work of our farm, keeping our scale small (and yet profitable!) in our farm enterprises. We love how our micro-scale production allows us to pay close attention to quality of the product and also be gentle in how we work our land.

We grow all of our crops using ecological methods (our produce is certified organic), employing organic sources of fertility, planting cover crops, minimizing our use of plastics, using low-tillage ground prep, and making sure that we are good stewards of our farm’s soil.